5 Must-Have Items For a Mature Bohemian Chic Wardrobe

May 22, 2019

Bohemian Chic Wardrobe

Bohemian Trends for the Wise Women

They say a true bohemian soul is the one that appreciates beauty on a much deeper level. A profound romantic, free-spirited person who instead of living in a box, breaks the clichés and rebels the norms.  This wisdom and freedom doesn’t manifest only in a person’s way of living but is also evident in her style of dressing.

Typically, the more women age, the more they prefer to dress up conventionally aiming to look elegant yet feminine. The world around us, especially the world of fashion is too fast-paced and dynamically changing.  A wise woman knows how to keep pace with the fashion world without losing her sense of exclusiveness. As a mature boho who wants to create a balance between freedom and stability, I’ve come up with a few ways to add just the right boho flavor to your usual wardrobe.

Long Dresses, Maxis, and Gowns:

For women in their mid & late-thirties or even beyond, oversized gowns with a free flow are very comfortable for a usual day at home, out with friends or for a trip to the grocery store. In fact, you can also pull them off at a party with the right bunch of accessories

For instance, pair your bohemian maxi dress in flattering colors and wear it with some funky accessories, fresh lip color, and casual flats to look elegant and stylish anytime anywhere.

Bohemian Chic Wardrobe

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Long Cardigans & Printed Cardigan:

Prints in vibrant colors give a youthful and fresh look to a woman’s persona. You don’t necessarily have to wear extra flashy and loud colors, but you certainly shouldn’t go for the dull and boring to look mature and elegant. Instead, use prints with multi colors and shades blended into beautiful patterns and styles. A vibrant mix of colors makes you look fresh, and prints give a slender look to your body


Bohemian Trends for the Wise Women

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Sweater Dresses:

A majority of mature women are working women and need to cater to a professional attire on a routine basis. Looking funky is not desirable, yet the boho woman in you can’t stick to the ordinary dress pants and collared blouses. Add a tint of boho to your tops and blouses and easily complement them with your knee-high bottoms and pants.

Bohemian Trends for the girls

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Kaftan Pullover/ Batwing Dresses:

These dresses are also very trendy with a loose silhouette and a vintage style. The loose-fit makes them very comfy, breathable and at the same time, they will give you a very urban fun vibe. Wear them as a dress or pair with oversized trousers.

Bohemian Trends  


Trousers & Palazzo Pants

For decades wide leg pants have enjoyed their popularity in the fashion world. However, there are a great variety of styles added to them especially if you’re a bohemian.  Palazzo pants and loose pants are an ultimate companion for comfort in style.  Then there are retro trousers and many more styles for you to select from as per the need and occasion.

Bohemian Trends for the Women

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Accessories are an essential part of any makeover. Don’t pay attention to your dress only but also add the right shoes, handbag, scarfs, and jewelry for a complete look.

Pashmina scarfs with geometric patterns look very plush in winter with long dresses, cardigans, and maxis. Likewise, bags and shoes can also add a lot to your attire.

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