Vintage Pattern Loose Overall


This vintage printed denim jumpsuit is the perfect example of an outfit which embodies simplicity and style. It combines the awesomeness of quality denim with the added beauty that vintage prints bring to it. Styled in a very simple and comfortable fit, this jumpsuit is suitable for about any casual outing. The cool color of the denim fabric and the flamboyant prints also add to the appeal of this overall.

The simple styling of the oversized jumpsuit includes a low neckline which stops in a curve below the breast. Its closures too are done in tiny spaghetti straps, with the top of the jumpsuit staying very simple. The pants of the jumpsuit are very detailed, it is sewn in a harem pants style, with the pants being wide legged and stopping around the ankle. The bleached part of the pants is decorated with neatly applied floral prints covering the denim in colors of sky blue, green, orange, black, pink and yellow.

The oversized jumpsuit gives room for easy movement and its worsted denim fabric is a very durable one. The overall therefore duly caters prettily for your elegance and comfort. The grey color of the overall looks very attractive and it can be styled with other pieces of clothing without stress. It is perfect for that stroll in the park and any other casual occasion.


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