Shopping for tops is always fun! Whether you are looking for some new tank tops to wear out to the beach or a new sweater to bundle up in while watching your favourite holiday movie, Buddhatrends offers a wide variety of shirts and t-shirts, overisized shirts and so much more, making shopping for tops that much more fun!

You will find our collection of tops to be incredibly unique, offering originality as well as comfort to all customers. For instance, our Sweater Dresses are a great go to as well as our Shirt Dresses if you are on the prowl for something to wear out and be striking in while going to the cafe, going to the cinema, or even while doing your daily errands.

Things like Blouses, T-shirts, Tank Tops, and Cardigans can all sound very mundane, but, when shopping at Buddhatrends they become exceptional! We offer our signature Oversized Art Inspired Abstract Blouse for example and it is a great piece to wear to a music festival or any gathering of creative and original people who aren’t afraid to stand out.

All of the Tops on our site were made for the people who aren’t afraid to stand out and make a statement, though, standing out doesn’t always mean a person wants to be flashy. Our Tops collection also offers more demure and modest items that still stay distinct for the lady wanting to make more of a subtle statement. Our Asymmetrical Cotton and Linen Shirt is the perfect example if the customer reading this is that woman who is looking for that perfect balance of classicality and originality.

Buddhatrends has a collection of tops that offer options to all women, those who are simple and classic and to those who are complex and seek originality. All while adding a sense of relaxation as for no piece is rigid, and, that is the true beauty of this collection of tops."