Loose Floral Grey Overall

This casual overall is an excellent piece of clothing with bright floral patterns that are beautifully designed on the fabric. Considering the good quality of this fabric, this rompers is sure to last long and provide comfort in almost any weather. Floral prints have been in vogue for a very long time, and there is no letting up on the stylishness that floral prints command in the fashion world. Floral prints are a beauty to behold on any day and is suitable for any occasion. The brightness, it gives to one's appearance is always a plus to the total outlook. 


 Styled in a loose fit, it ensures ease and freedom without appearing too big. Its closures are made of spaghetti straps while the neckline is stylishly low stopping just above the breast area. The pants of the overalls which has two pockets in front stop just around the calf in a stylish rough cut that ensures convenience of movement. Extreme attention was paid to detail during the seaming of the overall as the hems and joining stand out in an admirable way.



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