Loose Light Blue Denim Overall



This loose Denim Overall is tailor-made for women looking to just have a fun day out in some warm weather. It is made in vintage styling and can serve as a comfortable and fun outfit for going about your usual day in. The jean material is also not the conventional tough type. It is quite light, yet durable meaning you can comfortably wear it around in summer or autumn weather without getting too hot.

Made from jeans woven from cotton material, it also has a low hanging V neckline in front. The neckline can also be lowered further using the zipper closure to add some more space in the belly region. It is a loose fit type overall, meaning it can fit a variety of women with different body sizes, weight, and shapes. The waist is also of medium width. It features suspender style straps which are adjustable meaning the neckline can be lowered or raised, depending on your personal preference and it possesses a more pronounced V dip at the back.

The fabric also has a slightly bleached jean look to it. It is decorated with two pockets on each hip. The pants go as low as your mid-calf. Because of its thin suspender style straps, it can be paired with a simple short or long-sleeved shirt and look good. Wear a simple white, round neck shirt underneath and add in a pair of simple white sports shoes for a simple, everyday look.

Please compare your measurements with these before buying:

Length: 102cm (Not including straps) Bust: 98cm  Thigh: 64cm  Hip:122cm  Cuff: 44cm


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