Loose Plus Size Khaki Beige And Blue Overalls | Lotus


This loose overall is the definition of simplicity and style. Made with broadcloth and carefully tailored to meet the needs of women concerned about style and comfort, it is the perfect overall for the summer weather.

It is designed in a jumpsuit that fits loosely on the body, which makes it very easy to wear. Its closures are made with drawstrings which makes it simple to take on/off, and the neckline is a goose-neck style which gives you something different from the conventionally styled jumpsuits. Its broadcloth fabric is smooth on the skin and pleasant to the eyes and adds to the overall beauty of the jumpsuit. It has two pockets in the front, around the laps which aggrandize the exquisiteness of the overall and can also come in handy for keeping little items. Importantly, the intricate tailoring of the fabric also adds to the loveliness of the jumpsuit as the seams and closures all stand out in the right proportion.

The overall is made of linen which is a durable material, and one which is soft on the skin, so comfort and durability are guaranteed. It comes in a unique solid pattern of dark blue and khaki, and in sizes S, M, and L. It can easily be matched with nice tees and a hat to kill off the summer look. All in all, the jumpsuit is an exclusive piece of clothing which will definitely give you a charm you desire


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