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Milky White Exagerated Natural Jade 925 Sterling Silver Ring

Milky White Exagerated Natural Jade 925 Sterling Silver Ring

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White Jade (also known as “mutton fat jade” when it is a translucent white to light yellow; and "chicken bone" jade when an opaque white to cream/light brown) is a calming, grounding Nephrite jade that also protects the wearer from negative energies.  It brings peace, harmony and luck.  White Jade is also wonderful in the decision-making process, as it blocks distractions, allowing for the best results to reveal themselves (which makes it especially useful for children).

Physically, White Jade assists the body to heal itself, helps with bladder and kidney problems, and eases the pain of arthritis and other joint illnesses, especially in the hips. White Jade also helps with fluid retention, high blood pressure and imbalances in blood sugar levels.

Metal: Solid 925 Silver


Metal Surface Treatment: Platinum Plating


Gemstone Name: Natural Jade


Gemstone Size: 13 mm * 18 mm


Gemstone Weight: 10 ct


Gemstone Grade or Color: White


Gemstone Treatment: None


Gemstone Cut: Oval Cut


Ring Size: from 4 to 12, USA standard