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Old School 90s Floral Grey Overall

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This Denim floral overall is an everyday woman’s dream. It is as comfortable as it is also attractive. Made in a relaxed overall style, it is the right choice for those outings where you need to stay as stress-free as possible. It's loose styling also makes it a beautiful sensation to move around in, as it is not too tight nor too free.

It is made of denim fabric which is woven from quality. As such, it is quite thick without also being too heavy, making it a fun wearing experience.  The top area is sleeveless and the apron-style front has a medium U neckline dip. It comes with adjustable suspender-style straps, allowing you to easily adjust how low or high you want the overalls to hang. It is simply but stylishly decorated with square pockets on either side of the hips. It also has square pockets on either side at the back. The pants are usually ankle-length but this may vary depending on how high or low you adjust the shoulder straps or on whether or not you choose to roll them up a bit.

It can be paired with a simple solid patterned or striped shirt for a quality look. You can also pair it with white sports shoes for a casual everyday look.

Length: 122cm(Not Including The Straps)      Waist: 114cm    Hip: 126cm

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