Zen Buddhism Spiritual Mini Zen Garden Kit



Connect with your inner being while playing in the relaxing white sand of our Zen Buddhism Spiritual Mini Zen Garden Kit. This kit comes with stones, sand, a small pot, a statue of the Buddha, and a rake. You will lose yourself while building your own personal zen garden and feel full of pride when you put it on display for others to see. Not only will this garden benefit you and your peace of mind but those of others as well as this garden is meant to be tended to by whoever feels the need to set their focus on something outside themselves. Display this garden openly as an offer of peace to all of your guests and feel the energy of the room shift into peacefulness when this garden is being tended to. 
  • Material: Wood
  • Style: Religious
  • Theme: Buddhism
Size Chart
15cm x 22cm x 12.5cm


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