Floral Exotic Loose Denim Overall


Seeing gradient prints on denim is a cool detour from the usual floral prints which are everywhere. The way the colors of the gradient pattern, beautifully blend into each other makes it eye-catching and attractive. With its well-blended colors, it is a very stunning piece which would make you the cynosure of all eyes whenever you put it on. The lovely style of this denim overall is brought to life with the excellent blend of red, green, blue and hints of black. It is styled into a loose-fitting jumpsuit which is of ankle length, allowing for great comfort and convenience. The neckline is high, above the bust with the closures made of normally sized straps. There are two pockets at the sides which may come handy to put your hands into or for little things like keys, cards or even candy. The style of this gradient denim overall is just fantastic. With the denim fabric made from quality cotton material, the durability and coziness to be derived from this outfit is assured. Its brightly colored appearance also makes it an outfit that would make you stand out. It is good for that street style look with its rolled-up bottoms, and you can be sure to kill off this look effortlessly.








One Size




98 cm



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