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  • Top 10 plus size dresses every plus size beauty should own

    ON TREND: PLUS SIZE DRESSES In today's day and age, it is a challenge to find items that are stylish and fun while also comfortable and enjoyable to wear. Boring and repetitive styles for plus size women fill the racks at typical commercial plus size clothing stores! Here at Buddhatrends, we want... View Post
  • Asia Inspiration & Modern Chinese Fashion

    9 Asia Inspired Dresses You Should Consider Owning Traditional Chinese clothing is bright, beautiful and full of meaning. If you study the different types of adornments on Asia inspired clothing, you will be transported back through history where embroidery established rank in China. In BC China... View Post
  • OOTD Casual

    Casual and Simple Outfit Of The Day  The spring season is slowly coming and we simply cannot wait for the warmer days to come. As it reflects on our overall mood, we eagerly await the days when we can dress more loosely, more colorful and show some skin. The most beautiful and common spring outfi... View Post